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Colombia has a big variety of flora and fauna, but it also has a big variety of people. Each region is different, its people, its culture and its traditions. But there are some characteristics that can define every colombian, and this is what most foreigners love about us.

It’s easy to distinguish a colombian in every part of the world. Maybe because of the way we dress, the way we speak or even the way we act. Here’s the list of the characteristics I’m talking about.

1. We are the happiest country!

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We are known worldwide for our happiness. People in Colombia smile everyday and we never get tired of it. That’s why we are one of the countries with the highest number of festivities in the year.

2. We like to take it easy

We don’t worry too much about anything, and we even tell others not to. We like to relax and take it easy, but this doesn’t mean that we are lazy, because…

3. We are hard-workers

Colombians are VERY hard-working people. We never leave any task incomplete, and we like things well done. That’s why colombian workers are found in any country.

4. Creativity

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Colombia’s creative talents are recognized all over the world. Our artists, singers and even entrepreneurs, make us proud with every amazing thing they do.

5. The kindest people

We are full of kindness. A colombian will help anyone in need, wherever he or she is. If anyone calls for help, a colombian will be there to help.

6. Colombians are the prettiest women

Mujer Medellín

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This isn’t a secret to anyone: Colombians are the most beautiful women in the world. And, we men, have the privilege of living around them.

7. We know how to eat and cook

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Wherever we are, we’ll try to show others our food. That’s why we can find colombian restaurants anywhere in the world.

8. We love soccer and every other sport

We LOVE soccer, if we could, we would watch soccer games all day long. But not only soccer, we love every sport. And we are proud of our sports teams because they are becoming better each day.

9. We love our families

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In Colombia we love our families! We can’t spend a day without talking to our parents or siblings. Every holiday we visit our families and have a great time. If you have any colombian friend, you should ask him for an invitation on a holiday to his or her home.

10. We are proud of our country

Even if there’s any problem in our country, we’ll always love it. When in a foreign country, we only talk about good stuff about Colombia.

So, that’s how we are: happy, kind and proud of what we have. If you know any other thing that can define us (only good stuff, please!), share it with us. And remember you can write your own article clicking here.

Written by Juan Ramirez
Chalo Chalo co-founder. In love with Colombia, its magic, its people, the food and all its places. Bachelors degree in advertising, design lover, and photography amateur. Sport fishing, soccer and tenis are my hobbies.