Thousands of people travel daily by the roads in Colombia. Fortunately, security has improved through the years, the same as the infrastructure in many places in the country.

In every trip, people will find places to eat, buy souvenirs, fresh fruit and even bathrooms. Here´s a video of a trip we made by car from Bogotá to Anapoima, a colombian town.

Bogota – Anapoima road trip

Fresh Fruit

Colombian Fruit

Colombian Fruit By Chaló Chaló

It is very common to find small fruit markets during road trips in Colombia. This is because of the amazing variety of fruits that grow in the country, you will find different types, colors and flavors in  every region. For example in our trip from Bogotá to Anapoima it is very common to find Banana, Pineapple, Orange, Melon, Papaya and more.

Restaurants and Typical food

Typical food

Typical food By Chaló Chaló

You definitely have to stop and eat in a restaurant that serves typical food. Our dishes stand out for being delicious and huge. There are few options for vegetarians, so be prepare because it would be difficult to find them.

In our trip we found mostly “Antioquia´s” dishes and “Picadas”( typical food that have a mix of ingredients like, meat, pork, chicken, potato, sausage and more). The restaurant name in which we stop is call “Donde Jairo” near La Mesa town in Cundinamarca department.

Magical Towns

Colombian towns

Colombian towns By Chaló Chaló

Road trips are great for discovering small towns located along the way. They offer the traveler a lot of typical food, souvenirs, and many places that are worth to take some time to discover. We encourage you to ask locals in each town what to do and where to go, and take a small detour to get to know everything.


Paisajes de Colombia

Colombian Landscapes By Chaló Chaló

There’s a lot of stuff you’ll only see when you travel by road. One of them are the amazing landscapes full of mountains, crops and flora. The most wonderful thing about Colombia is that you’ll never know what you are going to find ahead, because the landscape changes suddenly in any part of the road.

For the mountain lovers, Bogota – Anapoima road is full of them. If you are willing to see them, you should come, the trip is only about 2 hours without stoping.


peajes colombia photo

Photo by Saúl Ortega

Colombia’s got a lot of tolls all over the roads to ensure they are in good maintenance for travelers. In some places, there’s the option to pay all of your trip’s tolls in the first stop. This way, you won’t have to deal with counting money on every single one. The prices will oscillate from 7,000 to 10,000 colombian pesos.

In our trip from Bogota to Anapoima, we found 5 tolls, and the prices can go from 10,000 to 10,800 pesos.

Typical sweets

Dulces Típicos de Colombia

Colombian typical sweets Chaló Chaló

In the fruit markets you can also find typical sweets. We have an amazing variety of them, such as “arequipe”, “bocadillos”, “brevas”, “achiras”, “roscones” and “mantecadas”. There are still a lot of them, some aren’t even sweet, but they are salty, and still, you should try them all.

The Route

Aproximate time Distance
2H Non-stop 55,8 miles

Here you’ll find the route you can use with Google Maps, it’s pretty easy to get there from Bogota. But please watch out, because it’s a really curvy road. Anapoima is very close to Girardot, it is a nice place to rest, and it has a very pleasant weather so you can leave behind the chilly weather from Bogota.

Traveling this country by road is totally worthy. There’s a lot of stuff you can miss out when you go by plane, plus it’s another way to see the amazing things that Colombia has.

Written by Juan Ramirez
Chalo Chalo co-founder. In love with Colombia, its magic, its people, the food and all its places. Bachelors degree in advertising, design lover, and photography amateur. Sport fishing, soccer and tenis are my hobbies.