I am sitting at one of the tables that are located in the cafeteria of my University, under a leafy tree, thinking about what to write. I’m there; sitting at that table, in front of the white, cold and interpersonal screen of my laptop, thinking about what to talk about Colombia. Colombia photo

I look for other blogs about Colombia; I look for pictures of Colombia; Colombia landscapes pictures; everything related to Colombia, trying to find that, that inspires me. I think of something different; something that does not imply repeating what songs and poems have said about Colombia.

Of course, it would be impossible not to repeat what many people, texts and songs have said about Colombia. What is a country that has everything, that like the Colombians there are no others; what has a great wealth of fauna and flora; that their parties are a great waste of joy, culture and camaraderie; Colombia is passion, and everything else that you think… Nevertheless; That I seek and I want, part of the personal experience, of what I have lived and feel about my country.

It is in this state of ambivalence that I find myself, trying to decide what would be the right thing to say, when a frosty breeze coming down from La Sierra hits me, and brings me out of my thinks. Then I look away, and that’s when I look at the landscape that is drawn before my eyes. What a beauty, what a delight!

colombia photo

Photo by FerTravelPhoto

The scene I saw is something I do not intend to describe, so you can look up, and see the same spectacle I saw; Which I am quite sure you will see, wherever you may be.

And I venture to say that, this is the reason why 99.9% of the foreigners who visit our country, are captivated by its beauty, and more than its beauty is that feeling of being living something different, something unrepeatable. Right there, I discover what Colombia has: it makes you feel any place like yours

And it is not a lie; every time I visit a different place in this immense country, when I leave, I feel that sadness, that desire to stay, to feel that you still have a long way to live. That feeling is very well described by the word “hyggelig”; Of Danish origin, meaning, literally, that feeling of being comfortable, feeling relaxed, being at ease in places full of harmony and warmth.
COLOMBIA photoSo; all I want with this, is to tell all of you that Colombia is a great “Hyggelig”. Every place anyone visit, makes people want to stay or at least, want to come back any time. This is the amazing thing about Colombia, and what it really falls in love.

For that reason, and for other reasons; Colombia becomes a great destination, which increasingly, to our surprise, Colombians, makes its way as a desired course among the best countries in the world, to visit and to know.

santa marta colombia photo

Photo by J@YGS

And it’s because people want to live experiences; that awaken your senses and make them reconnect with life. Thus; to say that Colombia, only offers this, would be arbitrary on my part. As we say in psychology; Colombia is a great gestalt; it is not an isolated part, it is the sum of the parts; is the set; is the totality. Nowadays, Colombia is highlighting worldwide in various scenarios and the world has set eyes on the country; but, open YouTube, and I watched the amount of youtubers from all over the world, who have made a video about this bit of land.

Now, it is the right time to say that, Colombia has it all. It has tall and modern skyscrapers, and old colonial constructions, that are united in a painting to create fantastic memories; the largest variety of wildlife in the world, represented in a large area of ​​Natural National Parks; most diverse and strange combinations of typical dishes, but that stimulate the palate; warm and friendly people, who are capable of making a stranger feel like part of the family; people who are capable of embracing a stranger, and in that embrace, convey the whole essence of “being Colombian.”

Colombia is passion! Yes people! That is what Colombia is, a beautiful little land, full of people very friendly and unforgettable landscapes. My invitation is that we do not expect foreigners to tell us, or to be in another country to begin to realize the paradise we have, and start to enjoy all it has to offer us.

Written by Ruben Balanta
Student of psychology and researcher by vocation of the University of Magdalena. Lover of the words, the coffee, the little moments, the rare and the new. Intense dreamer. Perfect imperfect. In a world where normality abounds, perhaps the most "normal" are called "crazy".