Always wondered what Chalo Chalo means? Read this to know it! We are going to tell you a little bit about us. Chalo Chalo‘s story, what it is, what it means and what we want to be. We’ve given it all in this project. But most important, this is a colombian project.

How it all started

We are Laura and Juan, two colombian publicists who love design and travelling.

In 2014 we went into a trip that changed our lives, big time. We went to India!

There we found great people, as gentle as us, colombians. We felt as we were at home. Working there was all thanks to AIESEC Colombia and, we also travelled everywhere during those short seven months. We tried it all, we did everything we could and we visited every place we wanted to. But the best of all, certainly was the Taj Mahal. Anyone who visits this Wonder of the world, will feel something incredible inside… Something like a great sensation after looking at something that awesome.

Living there, we understood something: Indians love their country A LOT. They wear their clothes, they love talking and teaching about their culture, and they even keep their traditions until today. Everything despite all the problems we all know their country has.

We wanted this in Colombia

The idea came to us travelling around India.

We wanted to see that same patriotism here in Colombia. To feel proud of what makes us, colombians, unique. We wanted people to see what Colombia has, that no other country in the world has.

That’s how Chaló Chaló started. To show through design, what we love about this country. To change what foreigners think about us, and to make colombians love their country again.

We are showing Colombia in a fresh and new way.

This, of course, took time. We had to travel, to take pictures and to carry our sketch books everywhere. Though, we were happy doing this. We visited a lot of new places and went to some old ones. Saw every detail in every place. Designed a lot. Looked out for suppliers, tested out products and launched them (Store). And we are REALLY HAPPY because it has had the effect we wanted to.

So, what does Chalo Chalo means?

First of all, you must remember the idea came to us in India. Of all the people we met, many of them where indians. And with all their kindness, they invited us to eat, to party and to visit new places. Every time we were leaving the house, they will say with a big smile:

Chalo Chalo!


Although we don’t know how to spell it, we know it meant something like: “Come on!”. And that’s how it became into one of the first (and few) words we learned from hindi.

When we came back to Colombia, we wanted to honor the simple fact that the idea was born in India. That’s why the project ended up being Chaló Chaló.

Come on Colombia

This sentence means a lot to us. It’s a sentence that pushes us to keep going forward, and also, pushes a whole country. With Chalo Chalo, we want Colombia to raise up and to see all our hearts to beat faster.

We want all of you to make this sentence yours. To keep it always in your minds and to believe that Colombia is awesome. But most of all, that we all can make it greater.

Finally, we want to thank you all for liking Chalo Chalo. We know that we can grow by your side. And last, we invite you to visit our Chalo Chalo store to know a little bit more about us.

Written by Juan Ramirez
Chalo Chalo co-founder. In love with Colombia, its magic, its people, the food and all its places. Bachelors degree in advertising, design lover, and photography amateur. Sport fishing, soccer and tenis are my hobbies.